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We provide free painting, staining, and floor coating estimates to homeowners in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. All you need to do is fill out the form above with your contact information and job description and one of our qualified, prescreened painting professionals will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your estimate. We guarantee that your Painter will give you a competitive estimate and that he/she will have the experience and know how to complete your job quickly and properly. Whether you are looking for interior painting, exterior painting, wallpaper removal, drywall patches, epoxy floor coatings, or exterior repair, Jersey Shore Painters can deliver quality, professional results at a reasonable price.

Interior Painting

Our interior Painting professionals understand that there is far more to an interior paint job than laying paint on drywall. Our pros will start by caulking and puttying your woodwork. They will also assess the level of drywall repair that is necessary to give your walls a smooth finish. Minor drywall repair would include pinholes, nail pops, and small nicks and gashes. Major drywall repair includes patching holes, masking settled joints, and re-taping and finishing large cracks. Our painters can also repair textured areas such as popcorn and stipple, as well as remove wallpaper and skim coat the area to prep it for paint. If you are missing any pieces of trim or molding, our the woodwork is in need of repair, our home improvement specialists will fix that as well. Finally, we guarantee clean, precise interior paint jobs using high quality Sherwin Williams paints.

Exterior Painting

Our exterior painting and repair specialists will start by power washing the entirety of your homes exterior. They will use clear, heavy duty exterior caulk to seal up the exterior trim around the windows and doors of your home. They will remove all downspouts and make any necessary repairs to your cedar shakes or wood siding. Finally, they will restore your home’s exterior to its original beauty by applying the paint or wood stain of your choosing.

Pressure Washing

If your home is sided with vinyl siding, it is recommended that it be power washed at least once a year. To get an estimate on power washing, simply fill out the form above and choose power washing under the job description. Our pros also power wash patios, porches, decks, and and paths.

Deck staining and Repair

Our pros can restore any deck no matter what condition. They will replace rotting deck boards and power wash the entire deck. After power washing, the will sand the boards and rails to smooth surface. Finally they will apply stain and or water sealer neatly and precisely.

Floor Coatings

Convert your garage or basement into a living area. Our floor coating treatments enhance the functionality, durability, and appearance of the concrete floors in and around your home. Our epoxy floor treatments repel moisture and prevent staining and cracking. With an infinite number of color schemes to choose from, you can get your concrete slab looking exactly how you want it.